PV SPDs for Protecting Popular Bi-polar 600VDC and 1000VDC PV Systems. withdrawable Surge Arresters Type 2 For Photovoltaic Applications

PV SPDs for Protecting Popular Bi-polar 600VDC and 1000VDC PV Systems. withdrawable Surge Arresters Type 2 For Photovoltaic Applications
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PV SPDs for protecting popular bi-polar 600Vdc and 1000Vdc PV systems. Withdrawable surge arresters type 2 for photovoltaic applications

Providing power with photovoltaic solar panels is tremendously interesting in the context of renewable energy sources, as regards economical photovoltaic systems connected to the public electricity network. Because of their exposition , frequently in isolated sites and of the extended surface of photovoltaic systems (PV), lightning strikes are a major components in the risk to be assumed, both for the direct effect of lightning on the structures, and of the surge overvoltages on the installation. Cells are generally associated with inverters. CUAJE® has developed a specifc Din Rail product to protect DC side of cells and inverters against surge in power plant or residential application. In case of indirect surge, the cells, their electronic components and semi-conductors in the inverters which are essential and expensive equipment could be damaged. The reason is because the electronic components can not support the high value of over voltage.

Prewired modular complete unit for use in photovoltaic systems consisting of a base part and plug-in protection modules
Combined disconnection and short-circuiting device with safe electrical isolation in the protection module prevents fire damage resulting from d.c. switching arcs (patented SCI principle)
Tried and tested fault-resistant Y circuit of the OBV5-C40-PV prevents damage to the surge protective device in case of insulation faults in the generator circuit
Integrated d.c. fuse allows safe replacement of protection modules without arc formation. 

Detailed description
With the MOV (Metal Oxside Varistor), the overvoltage will be limited at the value of the voltage protection level of the OBV5-C40-PV DC surge protector. Our surge protector, as recommended in standards and guides, insure all protections (between + and-, + and Ground, - and Ground). On each surge arrester, as option, an available auxiliary contact will inform the end life status to ensure a maximum effciency.

One easy solution
With this solution, many cells in power plant and residential application have been protected. If you don't protect your cells, in case of several big surges, your cells will be completely damaged and in case of many small surges without visual damages for you, your effciency will go down over the years. You should use a surge protection to have a better return on investment. Class C surge protection for photovoltaic
Discharge current In: 20kA / Imax: 40kA
Plug-in modules
Remote signal option
IEC 61643-1 compliance
OBV5-C40-PV DC series are Class C Surge Protection Devices, they designed to protect against lightning surge voltages in photovoltaic power supply networks. These units must be installed in parallel on the DC networks to be protected and provide common and differential modes protection. The OBV5-C40-PV DC series are availa-ble for the main operating voltages in photovoltaic : 500, 600,800,900 and 1000 Vdc. The use of Class C Surge Protection Devices are recommended at both ends of the DC power supply line (solar panel side and inverter/converter side), especially if the line routing is external and long. The electrical diagram of the OBV5-C40-PV DC series are based on high energy MOVs equipped with specific thermal disconnectors and related failure indicators. A remote signal feature is also available
The OBV5-C40-PV DC series are made with plug-in modules to allow a fast and easy maintenance in case of fa-ilure (disconnection from the DC network).

Model: OBV5-C40-PV series

Network voltage





1000 Vdc

Max. operating voltage Uc





1060 Vdc

Nominal discharge current ln


Max. discharge current lmax


Protection level (at In) Up







Thermal Disconnector


Mechanical characteristics


See diagram


by screw terminals: 4-25 mm2

Disconnection indicator

1 mechanical indicator by pole


symmetrical rail 35 mm

Operating temperature


Protection class


Standards compliance

NF EN 61643-11 France

Parafoudre Basse Tension - Essais Classe II

IEC 61643-1 International

Low Voltage SPD - Test Class II

EN 61643-11 Europe

Parafoudre Basse Tension - Essais Classe II


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