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The Integrated Design Of Surge Protection

Jul 26, 2017

Surge protection also known as Surge arresters (SPD) for AC Hz, rated voltage to 380V of the power supply (or communication system), the protection of indirect lightning and direct lightning effects or other instantaneous over-voltage surges is applied to the requirements of the family residence, Type 1 Surge Protection the tertiary industry and the industrial area for surge protection, with relative phase, relatively, relative midline, center line alignment and its combination protection mode.

Surge protection has the following characteristics

1, surge protection nominal voltage UN: The rated voltage of the protected system is consistent, and in the information technology system This parameter indicates the type of protector that should be selected, Type 1 Surge Protection indicating the effective value of the AC or DC voltage.

2, rated voltage UC: can be applied for a long time at the specified end of the protector, without causing a change in the protector characteristic and activating the maximum voltage RMS value of the protective element.

3, rated discharge current isn: to the Protector to apply waveform to 8/20μs standard Lightning wave impact 10 times, the protective device to withstand the maximum impact current peak.

4, the maximum discharge current IMAX: to the Protector to apply waveform 8/20μs Standard Lightning wave impact 1 times, the protector to withstand the maximum impact current peak.

5. Voltage protection Level Up: The maximum value of the protector in the following tests: The jump-fire voltage of the 1kv/μs slope, and the residual pressure of the rated discharge current.

6, Response time TA: The main reaction in the protector of the special protection components of the movement sensitivity, breakdown time, Type 1 Surge Protection in a certain time depending on the du/dt or Di/dt slope.

7, data transmission rate vs: indicates how many bits in one seconds, units: bps; The data transmission system is the reference value of the correct selection of lightning protection device, Type 1 Surge Protection the data transmission rate of lightning protector depends on the transmission mode of the system.

8. Insertion Loss AE: The voltage ratio before and after the protector is inserted at a given frequency.

Surge protection is a commonly used protector product, which is suitable for AC Hz, 380V of rated operating voltage, such as TT, S, tn-c, it, etc.

For explosion-proof box and modular two types. A varistor with excellent nonlinearity is adopted. Under normal conditions, surge protection is in a very high resistance state, leakage flow is almost zero, Type 1 Surge Protection so surge protection to ensure that the power system normal power supply. When surge overvoltage occurs in the power supply system, the HDL power surge protection is immediately in the nanosecond time, and the amplitude limit of the over-voltage is within the safe working range of the equipment, while the surge energy is released. Then, surge protection quickly becomes a resistive state, which does not affect normal power supply.

Performance characteristics of surge protection

1. Reliable thermal tripping protection device

2. Unique short-circuit over-current and tripping function

3. Unique Hot backup function

4. Surge Identification Technology

5. Reliable Aging Police

6. Large circulation, low residue

7. The corresponding time is fast

8. The use of integrated design of lightning protection box, Type 1 Surge Protection beautiful appearance, easy installation

Modular use of standardized design, replacement convenient, standard 35mm guide, can be directly installed in the distribution cabinet and distribution box.

9. Sound and light alarm system