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Surge Protection Provides Security Protection

Jul 04, 2017

Surge protection is also known as (surge protector) (SPD), suitable for AC 50 / 60HZ, rated voltage 220V to 380V power supply system (or communication system), the indirect lightning and direct lightning effects or other transient overvoltage Of the surge protection for the family housing, Type 1 Surge Protection the tertiary industry and industrial surge protection requirements, with relative phase, relative to the relative center line, the center line and its combination of protection mode. , Surge is also called surge, that is beyond the normal working voltage of the moment over-voltage. Essentially, a surge is a violent pulse that occurs in just a few millionth of a second, Type 1 Surge Protection and the cause of the surge is: heavy equipment, short circuit, power switch, or large engine. And products containing surge blocking devices can effectively absorb the huge energy of the burst to protect the connected equipment from damage. Surge protection, also known as mine, is a variety of electronic equipment, instrumentation, communication lines to provide security protection of electronic devices. Surge protection can bypass the shunt in a very short period of time when the electrical circuit or communication line suddenly generates a peak current or voltage due to external interference, Type 1 Surge Protection thus avoiding the damage to other devices in the loop.

Surge protection, but also with the progress of society, especially in the new building can be seen everywhere in its shadow.

Surge protection is when the electrical circuit or communication lines due to external interference suddenly generated spike current or over-voltage, Type 1 Surge Protection in a very short period of time conduction shunt, so as to avoid the surge of other equipment in the loop damage to the electronic device The

How does the miniature circuit breaker match the surge protection?

AMI-40, the need to use 63A breaking current capacity of 10KA D-type micro-circuit breaker; the second level of the circuit breaker, the first class module, such as the AMI-40, Modules, such as AM2-20, need to use 32A breaking current capacity of 6.5KA C, D-type miniature circuit breakers, due to the different working results IN value, it is recommended to use D-type; third-level modules, such as AM3-10 , Need to use 16A breaking current capacity of 4.5KA C, D-type miniature circuit breaker, by its working curve IN value of different, Therefore, it is recommended to use D type.