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Surge Protection Is Stable And Reliable

Aug 08, 2017

Surge protection is a variety of electronic equipment, instrumentation, Type 1 Surge Protection communication lines to provide security protection of electronic devices. Surge protection can bypass the shunt in a very short period of time when the surge or voltage is suddenly generated in the electrical circuit or communication line due to external interference, thus avoiding the damage to other equipment in the loop.

Surge protection is a non-linear protection device for limiting transient overvoltages and guided discharge surge currents in live systems to protect electrical or electronic systems with low voltage levels from lightning and lightning strikes or operating overvoltages The damage. In recent years, Type 1 Surge Protection electronic information systems (such as television, telephone, communications, computer networks, etc.) the rapid development of electronic information equipment and the emergence of a large number of popular. Type 1 Surge Protection This type of system and equipment is more expensive and important, its working voltage, pressure level is very low, vulnerable to lightning electromagnetic pulse hazards, for this need to use SPD done voltage protection.

The working principle of surge protection

The role of surge protection is to flee into the power line, Type 1 Surge Protection the signal transmission line instantaneous over-voltage limit in the equipment or system can withstand the voltage range, or a strong lightning current drain into the ground to protect the protected equipment or system from shock And damaged.

Surge protection features

• Protection of large flow, low residual pressure, fast response time;

• Eliminate fire by using the latest arc suppression technology;

• Temperature protection circuit with built-in thermal protection;

• With power status indication, Type 1 Surge Protection indicating surge protection status;

• Strictly structured, stable and reliable.

Surge protection classification

1. Classification by working principle

According to its working principle classification, SPD can be divided into voltage switch type, limited pressure type and combination type.

⑴ voltage switch type SPD. In the absence of transient over-voltage when the high impedance, once the response to lightning instantaneous over-voltage, the impedance of the mutation to a low impedance, Type 1 Surge Protection allowing lightning current through, also known as "short-circuit switch type SPD".

⑵ limited pressure type SPD. When there is no transient over-voltage, the high impedance, but with the surge current and voltage increases, the impedance will continue to decrease, Type 1 Surge Protection the current and voltage characteristics of a strong non-linear, sometimes referred to as "clamp-type SPD."

⑶ combination of SPD. By the voltage switch type components and pressure-limiting components from the combination can be displayed as voltage switch or pressure limiting type or both the characteristics, Type 1 Surge Protection which depends on the characteristics of the applied voltage.

2. Classification by purpose

According to its use classification, SPD can be divided into power line SPD and signal line SPD two.