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Surge Protection Is An Anti-thunder Product

Sep 29, 2017

Surge protection is mainly used to limit the transient overvoltage and release the corresponding transient overcurrent, and caused by the main direct lightning strike, conduction thunder, induction Thunder, operating over-voltage and so on, mainly used to prevent thunder, Type 1 Surge Protection it is mainly lightning protection products. Therefore, you know the effect of the product after you understand the customer's area of thunderstorm day situation, Type 1 Surge Protection and then according to the national standard is not required to install surge protection.

Surge protection is mainly used to protect against thunder. If the customer's area has a thunderstorm and other conditions must be installed surge protection of this product, Type 1 Surge Protection because according to state regulations, it is necessary to install in place.

Surge protection is used not only to limit the overvoltage caused by lightning in the power system, but also to limit the overvoltage generated by system operation.

Surge is also called a sudden wave, as the name implies is beyond the normal operating voltage of the instantaneous overvoltage. In essence, surges are a violent pulse that occurs in just millions of per cent of a second, and may cause surges: heavy equipment, short circuits, power switching, or large engines. Surge protection products containing surge-resistant devices can effectively absorb sudden bursts of energy to protect connected devices from damage. Surge protection using a stable performance size less than φ20mm mov, Type 1 Surge Protection through strict parameter screening, performance matching, redundancy in parallel to ensure that each piece of MOV performance consistency and stability, but also to obtain different flow capacity specifications, when a MOV in the SPD aging a few still can be used or can be put into use, Therefore has the hot backup function. This is significant in the case of continuous surges, Type 1 Surge Protection such as lightning discharges, and can protect equipment to the maximum extent possible.

Surge protection of the most reliable thermal tripping device-electronic, the current modular power arrester SPD Most of the use of mechanical thermal tripping device, surge protection spring and SPD inside the MOV chip through the low-temperature (100℃~120℃) welding fixed, and always in tension or compression state. When the SPD appears the bad fever, reaches the tripping temperature (100℃~120℃), the spring is out of the fixed state, Type 1 Surge Protection drives the color card movement to the visual window. Because the long time is in the tension or the compression state, the surge protection spring is extremely easy to fail, its elasticity coefficient selection, Type 1 Surge Protection the heat treatment technology, the periphery cavity structure and the friction coefficient as well as the spring weld Point's heat capacity and so on are the key factors which affect the reliability of the heat-tripping device.