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Surge Protection Has The Effect Of Discharging And Limiting Pressure

Sep 08, 2017

Surge protection, also known as surges and sudden waves, is the peak value of an instantaneous excess of stability, including surge voltage and surge current. The surge in the power supply system is mainly due to two reasons: external (lightning Cause) and internal (electrical equipment start-up and failure, etc.). The surge is often characterized by a short period of time (the overvoltage caused by lightning is often at the microsecond level, Type 1 Surge Protection the overvoltage caused by electrical equipment is often at the millisecond level, but the instantaneous voltage and current are extremely high and are likely to be hazardous to the use of electrical equipment and cables, requiring surge protection to protect them.

Surge protection, English name Surge protective device, referred to as SPD, is a kind of electronic device which provides safety protection for all kinds of electronic equipment, Type 1 Surge Protection instrumentation and communication lines, which is mainly used to limit overvoltage and discharge inrush current. Surge protection is generally in parallel with protected equipment, and when overvoltage occurs, the effect of shunt and pressure limiting can be achieved. Prevents excessive current and voltage from damaging the device. The core element of surge protection is a nonlinear element inside. According to the difference of nonlinear elements, surge protection can be divided into switch type (core component is mainly discharge clearance) and pressure limiting type (core component is mainly varistor). Although there are differences in the working principle of the discharge clearance and the varistor, the basic characteristics are very similar: they have very high impedance when there is no voltage, generally trillion-European, Type 1 Surge Protection almost equivalent to a circuit breaker. When overvoltage occurs, the impedance drops rapidly to a few euro, and the surge current flows through surge protection. And will not enter the equipment, at the same time, due to surge protection at this point impedance is very small, its two times the voltage is also relatively small, at the same time because he and protected equipment in parallel, also to prevent the equipment to withstand a larger surge voltage. In this way, Type 1 Surge Protection it has the effect of discharging and limiting pressure.

Surge protection is mainly used to limit the transient overvoltage and release the corresponding transient overcurrent, and caused by the main direct lightning strike, conduction thunder, induction Thunder, operating over-voltage and so on, mainly used to prevent thunder, it is mainly lightning protection products. Therefore, Type 1 Surge Protection you know the role of the product after you understand the location of the customer's thunderstorm day, and then according to national standards is not necessary to install surge protection, this is the first thing you need to understand clearly. If the other person is not using surge protection, you can make an introduction to the damage caused by thunder and lightning.

The role of surge protection is to limit the instantaneous overcurrent of transient voltage coordination, which causes the operation of direct Lightning, conduction ray, Type 1 Surge Protection or induced lightning. It is mainly used to prevent thunder. If the customer's area has a thunderstorm and other conditions must be installed surge protection of this product, because according to state regulations, is necessary to install in place