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Surge Protection Device Response Time

Feb 18, 2017

Response time surge protector manufacturer out of the most common and most misleading product parameter.

Despite the surge protectors there is no uniform definition of response time, but the response time of the surge suppression components are usually thought to be from one surge waveforms applied to the component, or from the "off" switch to "open" time. Spark gap lightning protection device, such as gas discharge tube, the response time is very easy to define and measure. In these devices, the spark gap of gas ionization time of up to a few microseconds, then this device is almost instantaneous switching from high impedance to low impedance state. Spark-gap's response time is not constant, but imposed by the inrush current amplitudes and rate of rise and spark-gap spacing, and other factors.

For a solid state component (such as Varistors and avalanche diode) devices, their response time is not so easy to define. Solid state semiconductor avalanche transmission than the ionized gas in the spark gap occurred about 1000 times faster. The device into conduction States more ease, the response time measurement has been completed in well-equipped research labs, with fast rising pulse applied to solid state suppression components are measured in real time. These measurements show that single protection devices (such as avalanche photodiode) response time of approximately 1 nanosecond (one-zero seconds), while knotted protection devices (varistor) response time is between 3 to 5 ns.

However, these response times apply only to properties of the component itself. Even if the protector is equipped with connecting wires as short as a few inches long, will also introduce a great deal of the series inductance, and effective response time slows down more than 10 times. So, when a solid state component connected to the surge protector circuit inside, their response time is actually not much difference.

Some surge protector manufacturers often claim up to 1 nanosecond (1 millisecond of one out of 10,000) or smaller response time surge suppression components are actually without laboratory validation of scientific measurement.

Only through other ways to reduce the voltage of surge protectors, surge wave moments before impact, action as soon as possible, can we truly achieve the objective of reducing response time surge protector. In this regard, the EFI long of the United States is committed to the study of power surge protector, has introduced a new patented technology and superior performance of protection products.

Famous sine-wave tracking technologies (SWT technology) is using a special control circuit, limiting the range of motion of the surge suppression components in synchronization with the AC waveform tracing dozens of volts range, which will greatly shorten the response time. After rigorous testing of EFI power surge protection products can take up to 5 ns.