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Surge Arrester Choices To Consider Special

Feb 18, 2017

As the designer of the lightning protection project, you should choose a manufacturer of advanced technology, the product should have detailed descriptions, technical specifications, origin, consistent with the standard certificate and sales license. Details are as follows, for your reference only.

(1) the design is user-friendly and easy to install ideal product is a small and compact and can be installed on existing space and easy to install.

(2) reaction time surge protective device must faster than a surge. Reaction time in nanoseconds (NS) levels are in line with technical requirements.

(3) able to handle the maximum current maximum current (peak current) refers to a maximum current capacity of the surge protection. Bellcore Labs (AT&T-Bell laboratory research institutions) in order to protect its highly computerized laboratory, conducted an extensive investigation determined surge protectors for maximum current capacity and the required technical parameters, a 20,000 line surge protectors meet the requirements, play a role in protection against power surges, equipment. This shows that the branch line in any building box install an 80,000 a surge protective device, enough to tackle any possible power surge problem. -Lightning areas of expensive electrical equipment, imported AC power distribution box installed in the building of a larger protective devices, models from 160,000 to 400,000.

(4) the ability to absorb energy's ability to absorb energy in joules of surge protection (JOULE) measured higher Joule values, longer service life of surge protectors.

(5) clamping voltage of capacity which means the voltage clamp to the safe range of electrical equipment can withstand capability. Your computer is designed for use within certain voltage, if beyond this range will cause damage to the computer. Surge protective device must be clamped to a safe voltage level. GA173-1998 standard starting from June 1, 1998: computer for 220/380 Volt electric power system lightning protector (surge protectors) control voltage should be less than or equal to 2000 volts.

(6) the size of very important surge protective device, volume size is very important. Internal inductance of surge protective devices should be low, protective device volume size is greater, greater the inductance of its internal line; protection itself small in size, inductance is also small, protective effect is better. Another advantage of small volume protection can be installed in close proximity to the distribution box, because the wire itself has inductance, connection, the longer the restriction on protection systems greater levels of adverse effects, so when installing surge protection device closer to the distribution box the better, preferably in less than 15 cm. Electrical equipment, confined space cannot be installed in a large volume of protective devices.

(7) the surge protective device should be in line with international and national standards in line with international standards, including UL1449, ANSI/IEEE, NEMA and IEC. In China also have corresponding standards, public information network security supervision Bureau of public security requirements: all mine security used to protect your computer (called a surge protective device in this article), must be obtained in accordance with GA173-1998 standards through testing and sales licenses, may be sold.

(8) the product reliability and customer, understand the customer, and factories engaged in the production of history helps to understand the manufacturer's reputation and reliability of its products.

(9) the quality assurance the quality reflects the length of the term can manufacturers for their products without problems, long-term protection of confidence. Once a defective product, customers can get fast and free service, is one of the factors users should consider.

How to choose a data line protectors have hundreds of different types of connectors, many different applications and procedures, 6 different voltage levels, which affect "what data should I buy line protectors" decision. But if you understand the following three important facts, select protectors are not difficult to meet your needs.

(1) transmission voltage (TransmissionVoltage) accurate transmission voltage in the application must be indicated on each order. A good surge protection devices, the clamping voltage the rated capacity should be as close as possible to protect the instrument transmission voltage. The first step in selecting a data line surge protection device is: determine the transmission voltage of the device, which can be found in the manual of your device, but if you do not know, do not guess. Can be measured easily with a voltmeter. The following table shows generally set by the application voltage. 7.5VRS422,RS423,RS485 voltage system applications, Ethernet, most Ethernet LANS, LAN 7.0V data and telephone company (channel service unit/data service unit, DDS,T1,ISDN, and so on) 12V type 5, 100Base-T, ATM155 (100 MHz) 18VRS232, token ring, digital 27VArcNet 4-20 mA current loop, Analog 4-20 mA current loop 60V, 240V dial-up leased dedicated telephone company lines, modems, and fax machines.

(2) connector type (Connectortype) throughout the world, there are hundreds of different types of connectors used for data cable applications. Several of the most common are listed below. If you think you have is not listed in the table below, we may also provide protection – as long as our engineers to understand. Common types of protectors connectors-coaxial-(Co-axial) two-axis (Twin-axial) RJ11RJ45 Series 9, 15, or 25-pin Centronics universal serial bus (USBUniversalSerialBus) hard wiring (without connectors)

(3) data transfer rate (Datatransferspeed) data transfer is measured in megabits per second, or megahertz. A protector for 10 MHz applications cannot work in a 100 GHz applications. A design for the protection of cable TV coaxial cable, protective devices at 1.5 GHz satellite transmission might not work with feeder. Many Office application is set to 1 to 10MHz, but called Category5 application (running at 100 MHz) has become more and more popular. Data transmission speed can be found in your device manual and should be included in each order.