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Stable Performance Of Power Protector

Aug 18, 2017

The Power Protector is a multifunctional monitoring and protecting instrument. Set three-phase voltage display, over-voltage protection, undervoltage protection, phase protection (phase-break protection), Phase sequence protection (fault phase protection) in one. Power Surge Protector The use of Chinese liquid crystal display, with full-featured, stable performance, easy to operate and so on.

The Power protector can display the power supply voltage in real-time, and it can provide alarm and protection to the user through the relay output in the form of over-voltage, undervoltage, Power Surge Protector lack of phase and wrong equal fault. It is a High-tech product that replaces traditional phase sequence relays and voltage relays.

Power Protector used in a variety of power system protection, it is widely used in industrial, civil aviation, finance and other systems, this article will be introduced in small series, Power Surge Protector is the characteristics of the power protector and use.

Eight features of power protector

• Status indicator indicating the working status of the Lightning protection box.

• Large flow capacity, residual low.

• Wide range of use, NS-level response speed.

• The realization of differential mode, common mode omni-directional protection.

• High reliability by using special impact chips.

• Core components using international well-known brands, superior performance, long service life.

• Internal temperature control, current limiting circuit, Power Surge Protector completely avoid the fire occurred.

• Energy-saving, environmental protection, installation simple, convenient, no special maintenance.

Precautions for the use of power protectors

1. The power must be cut off before installation.

2. The power protector can be hung on the wall or placed horizontally.

3. Install the installation schematic according to the connection, including L1, L2, L3 for phase line, n 0 lines, PE for ground, do not wrong. After the installation is complete, check to see if the working status is normal.

4. During the use of the Power protector, you should periodically detect and view the indicator light working status: The LED is green, the Thunder box is working normally, Power Surge Protector the LED is red, the Thunder box is faulty, should be repaired or replaced in time.

5. The connecting line shall be of a multiple copper wire not less than 6mm²

6. Non-professional do not disassemble.