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Principle Of Surge Protection

Aug 18, 2017

Surge protection is a non-linear protective device for limiting transient overvoltage and guiding discharge current in a charged system to protect electrical or electronic systems with low pressure levels from lightning strikes and lightning strikes or overvoltage damage. In recent years, electronic information system (such as television, telephone, communication, computer network, etc.) has developed rapidly, Type 1 Surge Protection and the electronic equipment has sprung up and popularized widely. This kind of system and equipment is more expensive and important, its work voltage, Type 1 Surge Protection withstand pressure level is very low, very easy to be affected by lightning electromagnetic pulse, this need to use SPD do over-voltage protection.

Selection and use of surge protection because of the high wastage of electrical and electronic components, surge protection (surge protection or SPD) is becoming more and more prevalent in the wind power industry during over-voltage protection. The cost of fan downtime is very high and can only be shut down if it has to be shut down. As the number of wind turbines increases and the loss of its power system collapses, Type 1 Surge Protection so does the need to protect against voltage-causing losses. The demand for surge protection is becoming more common among owners. This means that developers and wind turbine manufacturers must ensure that the system complies with current legal requirements and the reliability of modern wind turbines. To facilitate this work, the International Electrotechnical Commission published a standard for the selection and use of surge protection equipment for low-voltage power distribution systems. (IEC61643 low voltage protection equipment: selection and application principle of surge protection for low-voltage Power distribution systems) Type 1 Surge Protection The standard is an application and configuration guide that is useful for evaluating the importance of surge protection, which also provides guidelines for the installation and sizing of fan surge protection equipment.

Surge protection for short, SPD is an indispensable device in the lightning protection of electronic equipment. So what is the principle of surge protection? Here is a brief introduction to the principle of surge protection.

Surge Protection Components (Varistor MOV, silicon avalanche diode sad, air duct, large discharge capacitor) is the use of the loss of their own way to the impact of the current digestion (heating, melting), so that the introduction of the underground impact current within the security range, Type 1 Surge Protection will not form two counterattack. The suppression of the component's own life will be shortened by repeated withstand current shocks, Sinetamer used 40 modules and hot, electric fuse, heat sharing algorithm, and so on, Type 1 Surge Protection to ensure the Sinetamer life. Sinetamer about 90% of the overvoltage and overcurrent, the remaining 10% are imported into the ground.