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Power Strip Surge Protector Installation Requirements

Jun 19, 2017

Power strip surge protector, is installed in the power supply system or communication system, in order to prevent direct or indirect lightning caused by the instantaneous voltage rise, the protection of electrical appliances in the system. Power cord surge protector is the need to properly installed to play a role in the installation of the power strip surge protector Many people are not too.

The installation of the power strip surge protector is subject to certain measurements in order to limit the coupling between the protective part after installation and the unprotected part of the device. The separation of the sensing source and the sacrificial circuit, the selection of the loop angle, and the limitation of the closed loop region can reduce the mutual inductance. When the current carrying component conductor is part of the closed loop, Power Strip Surge Protector the circuit is reduced due to the proximity of the circuit to the circuit and the induced voltage. In general, it is better to separate the shielded conductor from the unprotected wire, and it should be separated from the ground wire. At the same time, in order to avoid transient coupling between the power cable and the communication cable, the necessary measurements should be made.

Power cord surge protector ground wire diameter selection, first, Power Strip Surge Protector is the data line, requiring more than 2.5mm2; when the length of more than 0.5 meters required greater than 4mm2. YD / T5098-1998. Second, the power cord. Phase cross-sectional area S ≤ 16mm2, the ground with S; phase cross-sectional area of 16mm2 ≤ S ≤ 35mm2, the ground with 16mm2; phase line cross-sectional area S ≥ 35mm2, the ground requirements S / 2; GB50054 2.2. 9 articles. In addition, the power strip surge protector installation also understand some of the main parameters of the power strip surge protector.

Through the above description, we have for the power of the surge protector installation of the main process, the installation process of the Notes and the installation of the wire diameter selection of this content are understood, so that we can try to install the power strip Surge protector. Also, the power strip surge protector installation method is generally in the power strip surge protector instructions will be introduced. Power Strip Surge Protector Before installing the power strip surge protector, it is best to cut off the power supply first.

Surge protection is mainly used in low voltage power supply and distribution system and electrical equipment lightning or other transient over-voltage surge protection.

Power strip surge protector is when the electrical circuit or communication lines due to external interference suddenly generated spike current or over-voltage, in a very short period of time conduction shunt, Power Strip Surge Protector so as to avoid the surge on the other equipment in the loop damage Of the electronic device.

Power cord surge protector product features

    1, the ability to discharge

    2, built-in multi-channel overcurrent protection

    3, integrated design

    4, failure instructions

    5, discharge more uniform

    6, strong environmental resistance

    7, built-in multiple overheating circuit protection