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High Safety Performance Of Surge Protection

Aug 29, 2017

Surge protection as the name implies surge protector, also known as surge arresters, usually we are referred to as surge protection and other electric power, like, has its own parameters, the applicable current is AC power, and the AC electric size is, the required rated voltage is, if the voltage is too high or too low, Type 1 Surge Protection can be used to protect the electrical appliances, and the lightning impact of the surge has a protective effect, whether it is home appliances or shopping malls electricity, buildings and other industrial fields need to use it. It has the combination protection mode of relative phase, relative ground and midline.

Surge protection through the surge protector claw-shaped clearance, aluminum surge protection, to the oxidation film surge protection, pill-type surge protection, tubular surge protection, Type 1 Surge Protection silicon carbide lightning protection, metal oxide surge protector, and then to modern high-pressure surge protection this constantly changing, continuous improvement process, not only for the protection of electrical equipment, Type 1 Surge Protection but also mainly used to limit the over-voltage caused by system operation.

What are the characteristics of surge protection?

1, protection through a large current, residual pressure relatively low, fast response time, you can protect the circuit in a timely manner;

2, surge protection mainly uses the latest arc extinguishing technology, Type 1 Surge Protection in the event of short circuit or open circuit, can completely avoid fire;

3, the use of temperature protection circuit, overheating will be on its own circuit power supply, and the internal heat protection, to prevent itself burned;

4. With power status indication, we can judge the working state of surge protection according to the indicator light.

5, the structure is rigorous, the safety performance is high, Type 1 Surge Protection the work is stable and reliable.

Surge protection, referred to as SPD, is a kind of electronic device which provides safety protection for all kinds of electronic equipment, instrumentation and communication lines, which is mainly used to limit overvoltage and discharge current. Surge protection is generally in parallel with protected equipment, Type 1 Surge Protection and when overvoltage occurs, the effect of shunt and pressure limiting can be achieved. Prevents excessive current and voltage from damaging the device.

How the surge protection works:

1. The core element of surge protection is a nonlinear element inside. According to the difference of nonlinear elements, surge protection can be divided into switch type (core component is mainly discharge clearance) and pressure limiting type (core component is mainly varistor).

2, the discharge gap and the work principle of varistor although there are differences, but the basic characteristics are very similar: in the case of no voltage, their impedance is very high, Type 1 Surge Protection generally is the trillion-European level, almost equivalent to a circuit breaker. When overvoltage occurs, the impedance drops rapidly to a few euro, and the surge current flows through surge protection. Type 1 Surge Protection And will not enter the equipment, at the same time, due to surge protection at this point impedance is very small, its two times the voltage is also relatively small, at the same time because he and protected equipment in parallel, also to prevent the equipment to withstand a larger surge voltage. In this way, it has the effect of discharging and limiting pressure.