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Coaxial Arrester Reliability

Aug 08, 2017

The coaxial arrester comprises a vertical housing and a longitudinal shell, each of which is provided with an insulator and a transverse center conductor, the transverse shell and the transverse center conductor are arranged at both ends of the coaxial connector, the longitudinal shell is provided with a longitudinal center conductor, The center conductor is connected with the transverse center conductor, Coaxial Lightning Arrestor the longitudinal center conductor is a hollow tubular structure, and the inner and outer spiral grooves are arranged on the tube wall. The longitudinal shell is provided with internal thread, the longitudinal shell is fitted with a nut, Coaxial Lightning Arrestor the longitudinal center conductor With the nut in the longitudinal housing. With the above structure, the required electrical performance parameters can be obtained in shorter longitudinal lengths; shorter longitudinal center conductor structures are also more stable; in addition, the entire longitudinal center conductor has a certain degree of elasticity in the axial direction and can be maintained A certain contact pressure, improve the reliability of the connection, Coaxial Lightning Arrestor to facilitate the adjustment of performance parameters.

Coaxial arrester is used to prevent lightning overrun voltage generated along the line into the substation or other buildings that endanger the insulation of the protected equipment. The coaxial arrester should be in parallel with the protected device on the power supply side of the protected device.

Coaxial arrester Features:

1. Excellent protection performance

Production of zinc oxide resistors, Coaxial Lightning Arrestor with excellent non-linear volt-ampere characteristics, steep wave response and good flow characteristics of the characteristics.

2. Safe and reliable pressure relief device

The pressure relief device has an accurate, safe and reliable feature that allows the coaxial arrester to safely release the excessively high pressure in any accident and failure conditions.

3. Unique sealing structure

Unique sealing device ensures excellent sealing performance during coaxial arrester during normal life.

4. Composite Coaxial Coaxial arrester small size, light weight, easy to install.

5. Composite jacket with a one-time injection molding, the tear strength, hydrophobic, anti-electrical erosion and good life.

6. The new thermal burst device has a wide operating current, Coaxial Lightning Arrestor from the speed of the block, impact resistance, good sealing performance and easy to install and so on.