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Coaxial Arrester Performance

Jun 19, 2017

Coaxial arrester: used to protect electrical equipment from lightning when the high transient over-voltage hazards, and limit the freewheeling time, but also often limited to the constant flow of an electrical value. Coaxial arrester is sometimes referred to as overvoltage protector, overvoltage limiter.

Coaxial arrester is a kind of electrical equipment that can release lightning or can release the power system to operate over-voltage energy, protect the electrical equipment from transient over-voltage damage, but also cut off the freewheeling, and cause the system to short-circuit the system, Coaxial Lightning Arrestor A device that prevents lightning strikes, usually in parallel with the protected equipment.

Coaxial arrester can effectively protect the power equipment, once the abnormal voltage, coaxial arrester has a role, play a protective role, when the voltage is normal, coaxial arrester and quickly restore the status quo, Coaxial Lightning Arrestor to ensure the normal power supply system.

Coaxial arrester can be used not only to protect the atmosphere from high voltage, but also to protect the operation of high voltage. If there is thunderstorms, lightning will appear high voltage, power equipment may be dangerous, then coaxial arrester will work to protect the electrical equipment from damage. Coaxial Lightning Arrestor The biggest effect of the coaxial arrester is also the most important role is to limit the overvoltage to protect electrical equipment. It is a device that makes the lightning current flow into the earth, so that the electrical equipment does not produce high pressure. The main types are tube coaxial arrester, valve type coaxial arrester and zinc oxide coaxial arrester. The main working principle of each type of coaxial arrester is different, Coaxial Lightning Arrestor but their work is essentially the same, all in order to protect the equipment without damage.

Coaxial arrester has a good development history and trends, in the continuous improvement and improvement, in power equipment has a significant role.

Coaxial arrester according to its development can be divided into: the protection of the gap - is the simplest form of coaxial arrester, the protection of two power equipment; tube coaxial arrester - is also a protective gap, but it can after the discharge Off the arc, return to the original state, from the impact of current; valve coaxial arrester - is a single discharge gap is divided into many short series gap, Coaxial Lightning Arrestor while increasing the non-linear resistance to improve the protection performance; Shaft arrester - the use of the magnetic blowing spark gap, improve the arc suppression capability, but also has the ability to limit the internal over-voltage; zinc oxide coaxial arrester - the use of zinc oxide valve ideal volt-ampere characteristics (non-linear high , That is, in the high current when the low resistance characteristics, limiting the voltage on the coaxial arrester, in the normal power frequency voltage was high resistance characteristics), with no gap, no residual current residual low, but also can limit the internal overvoltage ,being widely used.