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Coaxial Arrester For Coaxial Arrester

Sep 29, 2017

Coaxial arrester with 10A current through capacity. Its ability to prevent lightning strikes, high-frequency characteristics of good, lightning surge voltage relief is fast, is the common cable monitoring system, cable TV network security of effective protection devices, suitable for all two-way coaxial cable network online use.

The coaxial arrester comprises a transverse shell and a longitudinal shell that are perpendicular to each other, an insulator and a transverse central conductor are arranged in the transverse shell, and the coaxial joint is arranged on both sides of the transverse shell and the transverse center conductor, Coaxial Lightning Arrestor the longitudinal center conductor is arranged in the longitudinal shell, the lower end of the longitudinal center conductor is connected with the transverse center conductor, and the longitudinal center conductor is a hollow tubular structure A spiral groove is opened inside and outside the pipe wall, wherein the inner thread is arranged in the longitudinal shell, Coaxial Lightning Arrestor and a nut is arranged in the longitudinal shell body, and the upper end of the longitudinal center conductor is connected with the nut in the longitudinal shell. After adopting the above structure, the required electrical performance parameters can be obtained with shorter longitudinal lengths. The shorter longitudinal center conductor has better stability, and the whole longitudinal center conductor has some elasticity in the axial upward, Coaxial Lightning Arrestor which can maintain the contact pressure, improve the reliability of the connection and facilitate the adjustment of the performance parameters.

Coaxial Lightning arrester is the use of modern electricity and other technologies to prevent the damage of equipment in lightning. Since coaxial arrester is common in our daily life, do you know its function and characteristic?

The coaxial arrester is used to protect all kinds of electrical equipment in power system from Lightning Over-voltage, over-voltage, Coaxial Lightning Arrestor and transient over-voltage shocks.

Coaxial surge arresters are used for the protection of substations and power plants, which are mainly used in 500KV and below to limit atmospheric overvoltage, and are also used in ultra-high pressure systems to limit the internal overvoltage or the Back-up protection for internal overvoltage.

Coaxial arrester performance Characteristics:

1, the impact of the number of shocks, determine the service life of the coaxial arrester, gas discharge tube after a period of time after the performance will not drop, unless the leak. Coaxial Lightning Arrestor To detect its good or bad, you can use a tunable high-voltage DC power test, or coaxial arrester tester.

2, reaction time, determine whether the coaxial arrester can be timely response, rapid release.

3. Insertion loss refers to the influence of coaxial arrester on the line, basically from these three indicators to judge good or bad, arrester and protected electrical equipment is a parallel relationship, if the arrester depends on the electrical equipment very near (set electrical distance l=0), then lightning when the voltage on the electrical equipment equals the residual voltage arrester, that is, u equipment = u residual-avoid, Coaxial Lightning Arrestor residual pressure lower u equipment charged lower, the more secure.