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Anti-thunder Ability Of Coaxial Surge Arrester

Oct 26, 2017

The coaxial arrester has a 10A current capacity. Its ability to prevent lightning strikes, high-frequency characteristics of good, lightning surge voltage relief is fast, Coaxial Lightning Arrestor is the common cable monitoring system, cable TV network security of effective protection devices, suitable for all two-way coaxial cable network online use.

Improvement of 1/4-wavelength surge arresters for mobile communication with coaxial arrester, the utility model relates to a section area and connection mode of a 1/4-wavelength intercept line, Coaxial Lightning Arrestor which is simple in structure, convenient in installation and use, small signal transmission loss, low third-order intermodulation, wide band (3000MHZ), low standing wave, low residual pressure and maintenance-free, And can withstand many of the advantages of lightning.

Coaxial lightning arrester, including the public housing 1, the main shell 2, the Mother Shell 3, inserting pin 4, insulator 5, short circuit sleeve 6, short-circuit pin 7, Jack 8 and Upper Gland 9, the main shell 2 of the two ends are connected with the public shell 1, the main shell 2 upper end connected with short circuit sleeve 6, short circuit sleeve 6 is equipped with a short-circuit pin 7, the main shell 22 ends are connected with pin 4 and Jack 8 , Coaxial Lightning Arrestor wherein a male shell I peripheral has a screw sleeve 10, and the other male shell body is provided with a parent shell 3. The public housing 1, the parent Shell 3, the short Circuit sleeve 6 and the main shell 2 are connected with the pressure-connection. The connection between the pin 4 and the Jack 8 is a crimping fit. Coaxial Lightning Arrestor The top of the short-circuit pin 7 is connected with the short circuit sleeve 6 for high-frequency soldering, and the bottom of the short pin 7 is threaded with the pin 4. [0011] The short-circuit pin 7 is a 1/4-wavelength thread cutting line, the cross-sectional area is 3 to 6 square millimeter, and the material is copper alloy. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable manufacturing process, strong resistance to impact current, good third-order intermodulation and high production efficiency. Its characteristics are highlighted in the following aspects ⑴ manufacturing process is reasonable the utility model adopts the principle of 1/4 short circuit design, and the lightning-proof effect is obvious, that is, Coaxial Lightning Arrestor when the lightning occurs, the lightning energy is quickly introduced into the Earth by the designed short-circuit pin to achieve the purpose of protecting the feeding system and communication equipment. ⑵ resistance to impact current The utility model mainly increases the cross-sectional area of 1/4-wavelength thread cutting line by 2. Twice times, so the impact current capacity of 100KA, the insertion loss of the signal is small, but also can greatly inhibit the interference of different frequencies. ⑶ three-order intermodulation the utility model is to change the connection between the pin and the jack to the crimping fit, so the two ...

The following problems are encountered in widening frequency band of coaxial surge arresters: On the one hand, it can be used to reduce the radius of short circuit coaxial core, but this will reduce the resistance to shock current ability, but also to increase the main coaxial core radius of the method, Coaxial Lightning Arrestor but this will increase the coaxial core of copper alloy dosage. The characteristic is that the inner wall of the main coaxial shell (3) is the through hole of the equal diameter, wherein the main coaxial core (5) is the symmetry axis of the short circuit coaxial core (6), and the two sides are provided with a convex ring (52) with a radial change. Coaxial Lightning Arrestor The utility model adopts a two symmetrical convex ring on the main coaxial core, which increases the radius of the main coaxial axis and increases its capacitance, thereby increasing the bandwidth. This not only can reduce the main coaxial core of the overall copper content, but also under strong pulse, through the radial variable convex ring to carry out edge discharge, increase the ability of lightning arrester to withstand impact current, high frequency communication signal permeability strong.