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Advantages Of Power Protector

Jun 05, 2017

Power protectors can greatly improve the quality of power supply, to avoid energy waste, effectively overcome the possibility of computer restart and crash. Also has an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) function.

With overload protection.

Power protection with overload, short circuit protection.

The power protector has a short circuit protection function.

Power protection with short circuit, overload, leakage, overvoltage, undervoltage function.

The working principle of the power protector, Power Surge Protector the application in the actual production, the problems encountered and the solution,

Power protection is the last ten years to develop a new multi-function motor integrated protection device. At present the market mainly to electronic-based, we used in the production of GE MM300 type for the latest, most advanced power protector, it set too light) carrier protection, lack of phase, over (under pressure) , With leakage, grounding and three-phase unbalanced protection and other low-voltage protection in one, with high precision, energy saving, action sensitive, reliable, etc., it is mainly by the current sensor, Power Surge Protector comparison circuit, CPU, export relays, communication module , Display panel and other parts of the composition.

When the motor is started, Power Surge Protector the protector is energized and the contactor KM is energized, the motor starts to work, through the normally closed contact of the relay (the faulty trip point of the protector is in the motor start control loop) and the contactor Normally open contacts to achieve self-protection.

When the motor is running normally, TA1, TA2, TA3 three current transformers will collect the current signal feedback to the protection of the sampling port and a given protection parameters for comparison, and then by the CPU loop processing, to promote the power circuit Relay current, when the motor due to overload part of the drive current increases, the current transformer from the current signal will increase, Power Surge Protector the current value is greater than the protection of the set value, the overload circuit work, the delay circuit after a certain Adjust the delay, drive the relay relay action, that is, the fault trip point is broken, so that the contactor cut off the main circuit. At the same time fault alarm point closed, send PLC, feedback to the central control to facilitate monitoring. Undervoltage and lack of protection and other functional parts, the working principle is basically the same.