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Surge protectors which many advantages including structure of lightning

Feb 18, 2017

Lightning is the electrical equipment of the building construction and the first barrier of lightning and surge protection lightning protection performance directly affects the electrical equipment in the mine shaft of the building, so first of all, we must pay attention to building ontology of lightning. In order to prevent direct lightning stroke, outdoor install surge protectors as needed, in order to protect all the equipment needed in principle outside the scope of protection. In order to prevent lightning over voltage and insulation level should be consistent with equipment orders and factory test voltage insulation requirements, we should strictly follow the procedures required to ensure insulation voltage level to prevent breakdown of lightning. And outdoor buildings bus and retro lightning protection should be neutral point of transformers, outdoor grounding, grounding conductor grounding electrodes welding to ensure equal potential for all devices. Surge protection lightning protection structure has many advantages: ① to avoid "shielding"; ② "Faraday cage" shield can greatly reduce the intrusion of lightning electromagnetic pulse; ③ for buildings layer beam, and column, and floor and wall body of steel and metal pipeline, in electrical Shang of conductive body, even into one, almost everywhere potential is equal to, guarantee has equipment of security; II cage type avoid coal mine equipment of introduced line is by countless of steel composition, great to dispersed has mine current and weakened has buildings within information equipment by pulse electric magnetic field effect website value; ⑤ grounding body is distribution in underground four week of reinforced concrete based, can formed uniform distribution of is pressure network and Earth surface contact widely, and Ground resistance is very low and stable.