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Structure and characteristics of closed type gap arrester

Feb 18, 2017

Graphite gap lightning arresters, mainly using a multilayered interstitial continuous discharge of this surge arrester, discharge gap between each floor insulation, this laminated technology not only solve the problem of flow and discharge layer by layer, which increases the flow capacity of the product itself.
Advantages: high discharge current test up to 50KA (actual measured value) low leakage current
Constant flow without leaking heat of arc stability
Disadvantages: high residual pressure, reflecting slower
Technical features: graphite as the main material, products used in all copper heat dissipation problem was solved the lightning arrester in the discharge of, there are no follow-up of current issues, the biggest feature is no arc, and much less residual voltage surge arrester with open gaps.
Application: this kind of surge arresters in a variety of b, c, regardless of arc over the same open space issues. Depending on the model the kinds of products suitable for a variety of distribution formats.