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Design principle of lightning

Feb 18, 2017

There are various lightning protection devices on the market today, uneven quality, some even before I heard what I asked (such as: no grounding the arrester, until now, could not understand how it works), therefore, introduces the principle and composition of surge arresters, customer screening of true and false, good and bad, help.
From the response characteristics of SPD elements, both hard and soft. Spark gap discharge elements belonging to the hard response (based on cut angle-arc technology of spark gap and coaxial spark gap) and the gas discharge tubes, discharge elements belonging to the response characteristics of soft metal oxide Varistors and transient voltage suppression diode. These components of the difference is that the discharge capacity, response and residual voltage, lightning arrester is to use their different strengths and weaknesses, weaknesses, combined into a variety of surge arresters, protection circuits.